Fighting the good fight.

Dark Side Paranormal Had the Honor of Takin BoonDock Kingz out for some history and fun when we took them to a couple hot spots up in North Ga. we had an absolute AWESOME time! and nobody cried, even tho we did have a screamer. Stay tuned for updates and some evidence.



 The Video Works just no thumbnail.. we will have a new video posted this week

With the exception of a couple alternates. Here is the DSP family. Jen Calhoun and Justin Calhoun

About Us

We are a paranormal investigation group that sets ourselves apart from the others by being a "full service" organization. Not only do we do a full investigation but also well take care of your problem if you wish. We have over 20 years experience in the field as well as experience in blessings and cleansings.  Everything we do is completely confidential and discreet.

Our Work

We start off by conducting a meeting and initial interview. At this time a decision is made on if an investigation will take place. If an investigation is going to take place all proper paperwork and forms will be discussed and filled out. Once the investigation is underway all evidence recorded will be reported to the client and then discussed the next step. The next step is either a blessing of the dwelling or prayer for deliverance and in some cases a full cleansing.

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