DSP has Has a VERY BUST SUMMER!!  between private investigations and trying to get off the ground we have has several set backs. But we have has some great opportunities!  DARK SIDE PARANORMAL had the opportunity to hang with THE BOONDOCK KINGZ!! It was an honor to have them along to work on the Ghosts of Georgia project. Hopefully we will have more in the future. this has been one of the Highlights of the adventure of DSP. Stay tuned for more!!!

DSP had the opportunity to investigate some of the Chickamauga battlefields and also the HALE'S BAR DAM! it was an extremely active couple of days with Jeff and Vicki of the North GA chapter and with Storm of Shadows Ghost Tours. We got a ton of evidence and will be doing a DVD soon. the teaser is up on Youtube and here on the pics and vids  page. We origionally had to go up due to a family illness but had time for a little fun to take out minds off of everything. More Pics and videos will be posted soon!!

DSP IS GROWING! We now have a North Georgia chapter and may have a Florida Panhandle chapter and a Texas chapter as well. We will also have a Pennsylvania chapter as well! We still need help with getting supplies like holy oil, holy water and blessed medals for blessings and cleansings. so if you can please help as we do not charge for our services!!!

DSP is going to investigate an ENTIRE TOWN in GA!!!!  its gonna be awesome. Also going to use the evidence for the sizzle reel... cant wait..

SO It looks like DSP will be around. No matter how hard I try I keep getting pulled back in. so we are here to stay.. but we do need help. Please donate if you can we are in need of equipment as the stuff we have breaks down.. 

Well It has been a Rough and busy year so far for Dark Side Paranormal. But we are moving forward with not only a spot for a TV interview but also a RADIO interview as well. We are still working on the DVD and also the sizzle reel so hopefully we will have those out soon!!  Stay tuned for all the excitement that happens when the lights go out! 

November 2014

       We were contacted by 2 other groups for different cases. Both demonic in nature and have successfully closed both cases. We also have had such an outpouring of support from everyone during family issues including illnesses. Well we are in Full gear and running to catch up!

August 2014

       We were contacted by another group about a case in Daytona involving a family with some activity going on that was progressively getting worse. I Immediately started to get the ball rolling to start an investigation and a possible blessing and cleansing. As  we started you could feel a heaviness in the house as we first walked in I did not tell the family at the time but it was a very ominous and dark feeling inside the house and it felt the worst between the 2 bedrooms. as we were conducting initial interviews, several eerie occurrences happened including hearing footsteps walking right up to me. as we then walked outside to the porch area to talk about occurrences that have happened outside, a very dark shadow passes by a window and we immediately ran to see who was in there as we entered the feeling of pushing against us was felt and it was getting stronger. Undeterred, DJ and myself kept pushing forward and decided to begin the investigation. Whatever was in there ran from me but seemed to talk to the family and DJ, so reluctantly I allowed several spirit box sessions with DJ and family members one at a time. several contacts were made with at least one entity that was coming across as evil. while that was happening I felt all the hairs stand up on my arms and neck as anyone standing around me did as well. a few light anomalies were captured as well as several intellegent responses during spirit box sessions.

   As i proceeded to get ready for the blessing and cleansing on the home, we were standing outside praying when i felt someone standing behind me and what felt like a hand on my shoulder. i felt comforted as i finished the prayers. as we entered to do the blessing and cleansing the feeling was that of slight panic and fear not from us but in general. as we cleansed the entire home we then invited the family back in and filmed the response of them agreeing the feeling in the house was completely different and they even seemed more relaxed. This will be an ongoing case for us as we will continue to keep in contact and making sure everything continues to be ok. DJ and Justin  concluded the night by placing St. Benedict medals and blessed crosses in parts of the house just as some extra protection.

April 2014

      DSP is going strong and gaining momentum. We still need donations and other assistance but we are currently investigating and have performed several cleansings over the past few weeks and are now getting ready for some "fun" investigations we are also going to be producing our first webisode.

Ok so DSP has had a very busy 2014 so far and we are reving up into top gear. So far we have had over a dosen cases at provate residences and one in on of the oldest cemeteries in florida. we are taking more cases and eventually will be giving classes as well as group investigations where you will be able to ride shotgun with us on an actual investigation!

    To start off we will be doing an introductory video soon explaining what it is we do and why we do it.also we will be doing webisodes starting next month (march ). this will be updated with cases, questions, and other info and fun facts periodically. Not to mention all the pics and videos from investigations. with the exeption of private residences. I do however want to make sure everyone knows how they go so I will let you know findings and some evidence. we are still in need to various equipment but havepicked up the basics and are in service. if you or someone you know have "issues" or anything wierd going on please feel free to contact us!!

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